You follow a narrow hiking trail through the lushness of a tropical rainforest, wiping sweat from your eyes and feeling grateful for your hiking gaiters. Suddenly, a tracker returns from scouting ahead and excitedly halts your group – it's time to move forward, slowly, with nothing but your camera and the thrill of anticipation. Grinning, your guide turns and whispers the words you've been longing to hear: ‘There they are’.

Rwanda is the ultimate destination for mountain gorilla’s and wildlife safaris. In Swahili the world Safari means ‘’Journey!’’ Our journeys are a mixed of Mountain Gorillas, wildlife, nature and culture and community.

As you follow the contours of the Great African Rift Valley from the mountain volcanoes to the Indian ocean, through Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and DRC Congo, you will experience some of the most breathtaking sights in the World. This part of Africa is a hive of natural and cultural diversity. It is a must for people who loves nature.

Our suggested tour packages and itineraries have been carefully planned and selected to allow you to be different, daring and individual, enabling you to enjoy this truly great experience with us.

We cross many borders -sometimes venturing into neighboring countries such as Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and some times in Burundi.

We have been organizing safaris in Eastern Africa for many years and we are considered experts in our industry. Come and discover the best of East Africa with us at Show Me Around Rwanda Safaris the unique combination of Mountain Gorillas trekking, wildlife savannah contains iconic Big 5: elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard and so many antelopes, birds and plants species landscape and culture and community that is the magic of Africa.

Show Me Around Rwanda Safaris is a team of experienced individuals who have worked together for many years and have an extensive knowledge of Eastern and Central Africa.